Welcome to Hostal Carmen*** .... your home in Tarija.

This is not a five star by any means but is a nice and comfortable place to stay if you find yourself having the good fortune of visiting the charming city of Tarija in Bolivia. The breakfast buffet had a nice simple selection of items and even a do it yourself bar for making pancakes and eggs. The bed room while small had a nice double bed and a little television with some English shows. The bathroom was very clean.

Spaarpook - Simple Room

Came upon the hotel by accident. We actually meant to stay across the street based on Lonely Planet… but very glad the other one was full. Hostal Carmen has super friendly staff that wouldn’t be out of place at a high-end hotel. I woke up a bit late for breakfast, but they were ever so accommodating. When we asked for directions to wineries, they gave us detailed descriptions of where to go…and where not to go, and how to get there. We stayed in hotels across multiple price ranges in Bolivia (from inexpensive to pricey). By far the best value was the Carmen.

caballeroviajero - Double Room