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Stainless Steel Mobile Workbench 2 Tier 300kg Load Commercial Kitchen Kneading Storage Cabinet Balcony Storage Workbench for Kitchen Hotel School 80 * 50 * 80 Single Pass - B09V5GX5J7

  • ★Measured load-bearing capacity: support ribs are added to the bottom of the bottom plate to enhance the load-bearing capacity and be durable

  • ★Thickened stainless steel laminate: adopts five-layer process to draw non-magnetic stainless steel, smooth and clean, not easy to rust, use it with confidence

  • ★Waterproof and rustproof: The stainless steel workbench is not afraid of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, not afraid of washing,-wipe and clean, creating a clean and hygienic kitchen environment

  • ★Built-in compartment plane becomes three-dimensional: large-capacity space, with partitions inside, increasing storage space

  • ★Length and width 304 material can be customized: the length and width of the product can be customized according to your needs, 304 material can be customized

  • Product parameters:
    Product name: stainless steel workbench
    Product process: wire drawing process (non-stick oil)
    Product material: non-magnetic 201 stainless steel
    Weighing capacity: average load 600 kg
    Installation method: assembled
    Style: single pass & double pass
    Scope of application: kindergartens, construction sites, canteens, supermarkets, hotels

    product details:
    1. Smooth track, one-piece molding: One-piece molding design pushes and pulls smoothly, easy to clean, and does not hide dirt.
    2. Thick stainless steel countertop: design, waterproof and rustproof, easy to clean
    3. Stand firm heel, adjustable height: more stable and firmer, thread adjustable foot height, adapt to uneven ground
    4. One-piece folding; no hand cutting: the door handle is made of one side of the whole piece of steel, and the edge is smooth without cutting hands